Partnering with Your Professional Services Company

As a Professional Services organization, you work to meet your client’s needs while also growing your business. Strategic planning, coping with employee turnover, and utilizing the latest technologies are just a few of the challenges you face every day. You need a strategic, financial partner who knows your industry like it’s their own.

While you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape of the Professional Services industry, we help you plan for success. As an established Professional Services firm with clients in the medical and legal fields, DiSanto, Priest & Co. helps you reach your internal and external goals. Our unique hybrid tax, assurance, and advisory services were designed for Professional Services companies like yours. And as your company continues to grow, our services grow with you.

Helping You Achieve Your Organizational Goals

Whether your goal is to grow your Professional Services organization today or leave a lasting legacy tomorrow, any transition comes with its own unique challenges. As you prepare for a merger or work to hire the right people, the future of your company depends on your ability to stay ahead of the change. At DiSanto Priest & Co, we have the financial foresight and personal perspective to help your organization stay prepared for whatever the future holds. Life’s too short. Plan proactively so you can enjoy today instead of worrying about tomorrow.

Knowing Your Industry Is Our Industry

We’re a partner who understands the Professional Services industry and its challenges because we operate within the same space. Our professional and personal experience offers valuable knowledge on the unique labor, strategy, technology, billing, and licensing challenges you face every day. You don’t need just another accounting firm – you need a relevant financial advisor who understands your field.

Meal and Entertainment Provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
As part of tax reform, significant changes were made to the ability of businesses to deduct meals and entertainment expenses.
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The Secret to Beneficiary Designations - "Follow Directions"
To remain competitive in today’s working environment employers will offer employees the opportunity to participate in a pre-tax retirement plan.  In addition, they may offer to match the employee’s contribution up to a certain percentage.  As part of the process, the employee is required to complete certain paperwork which includes a Beneficiary Designation Form (BDF).
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Medical Billing - Some Best Practices
Today’s health care providers face an onslaught of new rules —including complex coding requirements, privacy concerns, higher copays, unpaid debts, and denied claims, to name a few—making it more important than ever for medical offices to create clear medical billing policies.
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The Obstacles to Establishing Your “Dream Team”
We all know that people are your most important asset.  They create new ideas, service your customers, and handle all the things that machines simply cannot.  Let’s face it, that large payroll expense on your income statement is there for a reason.  You have probably spent quite a bit of time trying to hire the best people, the smartest people, and the ones that fit your company’s culture; essentially trying to build your dream team.
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