Do you have a data security plan for your organization? Understand data security recuirements and how to protect your business.

Start by asking yourself if you have a security plan for your organization. If you do, how can you be sure how strong that plan is? If you don’t, one will need to be created in order to follow the fourth amendment right of consumers which establishes the freedom from “unreasonable search and seizure”. Ensuring your organization has a security plan allows you to protect your data, specifically private data and your business as a whole. In downloading this whitepaper, you’ll explore:

  • What a good security plan contains and the five steps it takes to achieve this
  • Examples of threats to your organization
  • How to develop a plan to understand the characteristics of your organization in order to protect it

By working with DiSanto, Priest & Co., you’ll work with experts that know how to build a strong security plan while evaluating any risks.

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