Our Mission

The mission of DiSanto, Priest & Co. is to provide outstanding service and financial security to our clients, to provide rewarding careers for our people, and to achieve financial success for our CPA firm.

Our Vision

We are a full-service financial advisor in Rhode Island, dedicated to providing our clients with custom designed solutions to meet their business or personal needs. This will be accomplished by developing lines of service that are consistent with our clients’ needs and by employing the best practitioners to guide those services.

Our Core Values


  • Provide the best services possible…period.
  • Know our clients and anticipate their needs.
  • Be technical and ahead of the curve.


  • Always act in the clients’ best interests.
  • Represent interesting, successful, and dynamic people.
  • Provide real life solutions using integrated services through our firm, our affiliates, and our strategic alliances.


  • Attract, retain, and motivate the best and the brightest.
  • Maintain a supportive, creative work environment; our people are our greatest asset.
  • Enact change in the community through our philanthropic arm, DiSanto Priest Charitable Foundation.
  • Have fun and create lifelong friendships.


  • Never compromise our ethics.
  • We have a responsibility to our clients and our people to maintain a well-managed firm.
  • Take in more money than we spend and invest those profits into our people and our firm.