We Can Help Your Financial Future Reach New Heights

You’re an established presence in the Manufacturing, Distribution, or Retail industry, which means your days are focused on combatting tough operational issues with innovative and streamlined processes such as Lean Manufacturing. With cost-conscious customers and the pressure to keep prices competitive, you need a relevant advisor who will strengthen your financial foundation as you experience your next level of growth. There is a way to execute orders on time and on budget today while also planning for your company’s future, and that’s why we are here to help. Whether it be retaining skilled labor or coping with an uncertain national economy, we have solutions that will help ease your burdens and help you reach your future goals.

While you create tomorrow’s products, we lay the groundwork for your future success. As an established, full-service firm with some of the largest and most recognized manufacturers in New England, DiSanto, Priest & Co. can help your financial future to new heights. Our unique hybrid tax, assurance, and advisory services were designed for established Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail companies like yours. You get one team with the training and credentials to handle all of your needs. And as your company grows, our specialized tax, audit, and advisory services grow with you.

Helping You Keep Your Competitive Edge

You’re constantly innovating, re-inventing and improving your processes and product in order to stay on the cutting-edge. But it takes more than great product and processes to stay competitive in today’s business and political landscape. Whether it’s understanding compliance and regulatory restrictions or managing costs and budgeting, the future of your company depends on addressing these challenges. DiSanto Priest & Co. has the strategic skill set and financial foresight to help your company stay ahead of the curve. Life’s too short. Plan proactively so you can enjoy today instead of worrying about tomorrow.

Making Your Products Our Business

We’re a partner who understands the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail industry and the unique challenges you face in today’s ever-changing business and political landscape. Our network of industry-specific professionals offers valuable experience in the unique compliance and regulatory requirements that affect your ability to stay competitive. We’re even members of manufacturing organizations, such as Rhode Island Manufacturers Association (RIMA). Because you don’t need just another accounting firm – you need a relevant financial advisor who specializes in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail.

Tax Reform Highlights for Manufacturers
We Can Help Your Financial Future Reach New Heights You’re an established presence in the Manufacturing, Distribution, or Retail industry, ...
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Great News For Small Businesses That Qualified For Research Credits in 2016
Wage-paying small businesses with minimal taxable income can now take advantage of their research credits sooner than was allowed under the previous tax rules.  The Protecting America from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 allows qualifying small businesses to apply research credits against the social security portion of its federal payroll tax bill.
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The New Lease Accounting Rules - January 2020 Is Not That Far Away
The new FASB lease accounting standard will likely need to be addressed sooner than many private businesses realize.  For privately held calendar-year-end companies it takes effect in January 2020.
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Anchor Institution Tax Credit
In boating, an anchor is a mechanism used to hold a ship steady.  In television, an anchor is a person who presents and coordinates.  In sports, an anchor is the person on the team with the best ability.  In Rhode Island, an anchor is a business that orchestrates the creation of new jobs.
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Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation Before Year End
Bonus depreciation's job is to spur economic growth through investment, or reinvestment, in business property within the United States.  Whether you're a manufacturer looking to expand your operations or simply looking to update your equipment, bonus depreciation can help you accelerate tax savings. 
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Interactions with technology are advancing at an exponential rate, and so are the risks of a cyber-attack. It seems like every other day there is another story in the news of a malicious virus sweeping the global marketplace and negatively impacting local economies.
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Gearing up for the New Revenue Recognition Rules
Though it has been publicized that certain “contract-based” industries - telecommunications, technology, engineering, media, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few – will be impacted by the new revenue recognition rules the effects are in fact more far-reaching and will apply to all companies, public or private.
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5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Solar for Your Manufacturing Business
Technology in the energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace.  Solar panels are becoming leaner and more efficient – providing more capacity at a lesser cost, mimicking the path of more traditional computer hardware.  Below are 5 reasons why we believe solar is worth considering today to boost your bottom line.
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One More Reason to Expand your Tech Business in Rhode Island
Are you currently operating a business in Rhode Island and looking to expand?  Perhaps you have a business outside of RI that you’re looking to relocate.   Rhode Island, in an effort to attract and retain new and existing businesses, enacted the New Qualified Jobs Incentive Act in 2015 and has already awarded several job creators significant annual, redeemable tax credits that have allowed them to make expanding or relocating to RI more financially feasible. 
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