There is a growing demand today for accurate, source-verified financial information. But, what is driving this demand? Users of audited financial statements, such as investors and lenders, have increased their focus on the authenticity of the information they receive. While technology has positively impacted the speed and accessibility of information, it has also had some negative impacts – creating new ways to alter and compromise information.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of instances of fraud occurring, either by altering information after it’s been reviewed by a CPA firm, completely falsifying an audited financial statement, or even creating a fictitious firm. Those committing these types of fraud have put the information that others provide under great scrutiny. How can those receiving the information be sure of its validity?

For public companies, this is avoided by use of EDGAR. However, for private companies, there hasn’t been a similar Clearinghouse until recently., an AICPA company, collaborated with to develop RIVIO Clearinghouse to not only ensure that financial information provided by a CPA firm is protected, but also to provide a more efficient way for all parties to exchange information.

RIVIO provides an online platform that enables CPA firms to exchange information with their private business clients who can then share it out to any third parties that may need this information. It streamlines and controls the process while also ensuring that third parties receive authenticated financial information. For private businesses, it brings more trust to the information provided to third parties and facilitates a more efficient manner for exchanging information.

This cutting-edge solution is a gamechanger for CPA firms and their private business clients, and it is rapidly gaining market acceptance. In a time where it is becoming more challenging to control and protect information, RIVIO is positioned to meet the growing need for authenticated information.

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