Is your company future ready? We are living in an incredible time of rapid change around the world. Technology, regulation, global economics, political uncertainty, business transformations, generational shifts; and there is no end in sight.

Planning for Market Shifts

We have always dealt with change but never has change come so rapidly. Your smartphone is only 10 years old. How has it changed your life and your business? Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, online commerce, blockchain, Bitcoin, driverless cars, and more. Are you ready for those changes to your business or organization? Will your organization be disrupted by the likes of Uber, Air B&B, Amazon, and others – or will you be a disruptor by creating the next big thing?

Like so many of us, we go through our business day focusing on the present and dealing with the past, but what about the future? Is your organization properly positioned to seize new opportunities and navigate upcoming threats? Have you addressed succession in ownership, management, and on the shop floor? What will your organization look like in three, five, and ten years? These are difficult questions that many simply put off.

Strategic Planning Engagements

Your financial advisor can certainly assist in projecting financials like revenue, profits, taxes, cash flow, and future capital needs, but, in some cases, they can also help you dream about the future of your organization through a formal Strategic Planning Engagement.

The process of developing a future strategy can be daunting, especially for smaller family-owned businesses or organizations with limited resources. The best way to accomplish this goal is to use an outside facilitator who understands the process of long-term planning and the business challenges that all U.S. companies face, serving as a neutral voice in building consensus.

Our partner, Bill Pirolli, has decades of just such experience. Not only has he been on the front lines with his clients for over 40 years as their trusted business advisor (as well as serving in management positions in DiSanto, Priest & Co.), he has also led dozens of strategic planning retreats for accounting and law firms, private businesses, and non-profit organizations.

About Bill Pirolli

Bill has been a volunteer to the accounting profession and business community for over 20 years.  He has been the President and Chairman of the Rhode Island Society of CPAs (RISCPA), the Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Private Company Practice Section. He has held many other committee positions and is currently appointed to the United States and International Board of Directors of the AICPA, an organization with over 650,000 members in 189 countries. Through these experiences, Bill has participated in many strategic organizational visioning projects and learned the best practices for developing a future-proofed strategy.

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