For tax periods beginning after December 31, 2022, Rhode Island businesses may be required to electronically file returns and remit tax payments, including quarterly estimates, extension payments, balances due and all other payments. If your business meets the larger business registrant definition below, this new mandate will apply to your business. “Larger business registrant” for the purposes of this mandate is defined as:

  1. A business whose combined annual liability for all taxes administered by the Division of Taxation is or exceeds $5,000; or
  2. A business whose annual gross income is over $100,000

The Division of Taxation encourages all taxpayers to utilize the Taxpayer Portal to remit taxes. New and first-time users of the Taxpayer Portal will need to request a PIN before activating a new account. PINs can be requested by phone at (401) 574-8484 or e-mail ( Have the following information available when requesting a PIN: Name of the business, EIN, and address. The PIN will then be sent to the taxpayer via regular mail. The account will not be available for use until the PIN is received and the account validated, so please ensure ample time to guarantee no problems with activating the account before the deadline. PINs will not be e-mailed or provided by phone. 

For those taxpayers who do not receive a PIN and validate their account prior to a payment due date, a same-day guest service is available on the Portal. Please note, this will require several verification steps for security purposes and is not a permanent solution.

Instructional videos are available on the Division’s website to walk you through the process of creating an account.

More Information

If you have any questions on the above and how it applies to you, please call us at 401-921-2000, or reach us through email or complete our online contact form.