Staff Accountant

As a Staff Accountant, you will be responsible for learning and applying your technical skills while working as part of a team carrying out client-related tasks under the supervision of more experienced staff. A successful Staff member becomes familiar with the firm’s policies and procedures while continuously building their skills and work relationships through a wide variety of projects which may include financial statement preparation, audits, tax return preparation, inventories, and tax and accounting research. Since you may just be graduating college or entering the field of public accounting, we look for qualities such as strong work ethic, problem-solving skills, passion for helping others, teamwork, and the desire to continuously learn. You’ll be ready to become a Senior by learning and consistently demonstrating your skills and teamwork!


As a Senior, you will continue to refine and expand your repertoire of technical and organizational skills while coaching, advising, and fostering skill development among Staff Accountants. Seniors play a key role in client engagements, serving as the bridge between the Staff Accountants and Engagement Manager while completing your own assigned work. Seniors are expected to lead parts of, or entire, client projects and direct team members’ efforts in meeting client and project outcomes and deadlines. Demonstrate the ability to manage people and projects while expanding your technical skills and you’ll be moving up to Manager soon!


As a Manager, you will develop your practice area expertise and supervise the completion of client engagements while ensuring delivery of high-quality service. The keys to your success will be your ability to coach, advise, and lead team members in meeting client expectations and deliverables. You are able to effectively provide feedback to, and evaluate, both Staff Accountants and Seniors. You will serve as a key point of contact with our clients and be responsible for strengthening those relationships. Your ability to recognize opportunities to provide additional services to clients that are beneficial to their business further deepens the firm-client relationship and strengthens your role as trusted advisor.   Additionally, you will be called upon to lead or contribute to designing and implementing key firm initiatives such as training and staff recruitment. Consistently demonstrating the ability to lead teams and projects to positive and efficient client outcomes, combined with your client relationships and ability to generate new business for the firm puts you on a path to becoming a Principal!


As a Principal, you have exhibited superior technical competence, managerial abilities, and the ability to attract and develop new clients. You are responsible for leading a profitable functional area of the practice, building the business, and ensuring your teams deliver exceptional client service. The Principal supports the business and growth initiatives of the firm and is responsible for retaining employees through their strong leadership and mentoring skills. Since DiSanto, Priest & Co. is committed to giving back to the local community, Principals are expected to be an asset to the firm through civic and community activities. Demonstrate the ability to lead teams and practice areas to consistently successful client outcomes and expand your business development skills while integrating yourself into the local community and you’ll be given consideration for promotion to Partner!


As a Partner, you provide leadership, an inspired entrepreneurial mindset, direction for the firm, and a relentless pursuit of success for the firm, its staff, and the clients. You will continue to drive new business opportunities, integrate yourself and the firm into the fabric of the local business community, and serve as a decision-maker on broad-based firm matters. Your leadership is critical to the ongoing sustainability and success of the firm and your input and guidance on personnel and finance matters and decisions positions the firm for continued success. Your legacy is built on your staff and client relationships and the ability to lead individuals and groups to providing outstanding client service.

Open Positions
Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Tax Manager
International Tax Manager
Senior Audit Accountant
Senior Accountant
Senior Tax Accountant