This past week, DiSanto, Priest & Co. congratulated Larry Riggs and the entire team at Pare Corporation (Pare) on their 50th anniversary. Founded in 1970, Pare services its clients’ public and private engineering needs throughout New England and the Eastern United States from its local offices in Lincoln, RI and Foxborough, MA. 

One of Pare’s most esteemed accomplishments is the East Bay Bike Path, which runs 14.5 miles and connects eight parks across five communities in Eastern Rhode Island. The East Bay Bike Path was the first bicycle path undertaken by the State of Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and the first of its kind in the Northeast. Pare Engineering partnered with RIDOT to conduct the feasibility study for the bike path and supervise its construction.  

Pare has been a loyal and celebrated client of DiSanto, Priest & Co. for each of its 50 years in business. DiSanto, Priest & Co. partner, William (Bill) Pirolli has been affiliated with Pare’s service team since 1978 when he started as a college intern and outsourced bookkeeper. Some 40+ years later, he continues to serve as a trusted advisor to Pare and congratulated the organization by saying, “I have been fortunate to watch Pare grow and develop throughout my time at Disanto, Priest & Co. The Pare team has accomplished so much, and I look forward to seeing what the next 50 years will bring to their business.” 

About Pare Corporation

Pare Corporation has been a trusted engineering partner to municipal and state governments, architects, and owner/developer teams for 50 years. Pare currently employs 115+ technical and support personnel, including 48 Professional Engineers registered in more than 25 states. Pare’s engineers, planners, and scientists specialize in the areas of civil, structural, geotechnical, environmental, traffic, highways, bridges, water/wastewater, stormwater, marine/waterfront, dams, wetlands, permitting, GIS, and Envision and LEED documentation. Pare’s services range from condition assessments, feasibility studies, and master planning to complete sustainable design services, resilience planning/design, project permitting, public outreach, funding strategies/grant assistance, and construction administration. The firm serves all of the Eastern United States from offices in Lincoln, RI and Foxboro, MA.