Is Your Business Thoroughly Evaluating and Monitoring its Vendors and Subservice Organizations?

Your Guide to Securing Outsourced Services as a Third-Party Service Provider 

Does your organization have the proper procedures in place to protect clients’ data? Are you at risk of losing business due to a lack of documentation? 

Now more than ever, companies are taking extreme precautions to ensure their data remains secure – especially when doing business with vendors or subservice organizations. Of course, providing services that save a business time and money is a huge benefit, but there can be major risks involved. Thankfully, SOC reports offer ways that third-party contractors can assure businesses are doing their due diligence.  

A SOC report, specifically a type 2 report, is an internal report that describes the controls in place at a company to safeguard customer data and it speaks to how effectively those controls are operating. In fact, more and more businesses are willing to terminate a relationship with a third-party service provider in favor of a competitor who has a SOC report available.

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