For organizations looking to manage risk relative to attainment of strategic corporate goals.  All organizations – big or small, public or private – have risks they must proactively manage in order to survive and succeed in today’s marketplace.  This engagement defines risk associated with organizational, operating, regulatory, reputation, etc.; assigns a risk level to each; then designs a program to “manage” these risks, so you can concentrate on maintaining value for the organization and its key stakeholders.

A Commitment to Strategically Aligning Corporate Goals and Risk

Today’s business environment is dynamic, complex and increasingly global.  On a daily basis, companies are exposed to unprecedented levels of risk in virtually every aspect of their organization.  This trend is only expected to continue to escalate at an alarming pace.  In the meantime, company management is confronted with an increasingly difficult task—to manage risk and provide value for investors.

For a number of years now, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has served as the leading global approach to managing and optimizing risks. The process includes identifying, analyzing, overseeing and monitoring the potential risks to an organization.  However, the most critical element to a successful ERM process is the linking of identified risks to strategic corporate goals.  At DiSanto, Priest & Co., we work with you to employ a well-structured ERM program that incorporates this critical element, thereby allowing your organization to reduce risk exposure to an acceptable level while still maintaining value to the organization and key stakeholders.

We Offer

  • Strategic risk management design and implementation
  • Strategic goal and Risk identification and definitions
  • Risk management maturity and performance
  • Corporate governance assessment and design
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Board and Key Management ERM facilitation