For companies looking to improve their internal controls, operations or business processes. Our services also include engagements to assist management with the development of policies and procedures. Examples include:

  • Internal Controls Improvement — companies looking to streamline controls for efficiencies/cost savings; or need to strengthen or redesign internal controls.
  • Operational Reviews/Business Process Improvement — companies looking to develop efficiencies in their internal financial reporting cycle.
  • Policies and Procedures Development — companies looking to design, develop & document business processes (e.g. all elements of a financial reporting cycle)—at a people, process, or technology level.

Improving Operations, Performance and Profitability

In order to keep pace with the dynamic marketplace, demands on today’s organizations are increasing and the result oftentimes also increases complexity. Processes that were once successful often become cumbersome and inefficient. To maintain growth, organizations must remain flexible, agile and profitable. Meeting these demands requires repeatable and sustained performance across the entire organization to support the ever evolving needs of the business.

Today’s organizations are faced with a dynamic marketplace. The economic and business environment as well as the lightning-fast pace of technological advancement have contributed to fierce competition; increased complexities; deadline-driven agendas; and rapidly aging processes that often become quickly obsolete.

Management needs to not only keep pace with rapid technological innovation but also the ever changing needs of customers and stakeholders. Whether it is people, process or technology, management is increasingly asked to get more done with less. At DiSanto, Priest & Co. we help our clients optimize processes by leveraging technology as a business tool and at the same time considering the impact on your people. We work with clients on all aspects of their processes from core operations on through to the financial closing cycle.

We Offer

  • Process redesign
  • Profitability improvement
  • Process mapping

If your organization is struggling with time consuming and inaccurate or inefficient processes come talk with our team of professionals. We collectively have decades of experience across a multitude of industries and can help you meet your strategic goals.



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