In memory of Patrick Pirolli, the DiSanto Priest Charitable Foundation proudly supported the AICPA® Foundation as it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022.

The DiSanto Priest Charitable Foundation would also like to thank Bill Pirolli for his 40-plus years of service and endless commitment to the accounting profession. He recently completed his service as AICPA chair and co-chair of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (Association) and is continuing his AICPA involvement.

Bill is an advocate for the profession and an avid speaker on important issues facing small businesses. If you have ever met Bill, you will see he wears a small heart-shaped pin with angel wings. It was created in memory of his son Patrick. The heart is garnet in color to commemorate his son’s birthstone. Bill and his wife Joanne wear on their journeys as a way to keep their son with them.

Through his speaking engagements and extensive travels, Bill has had the opportunity to meet many people. On occasion, parents who have had the same experience of losing a child approach Bill to share their experience. He offers them a pin as a token of solidarity, hoping it gives them strength and solace in their daily lives.

Patrick was an avid sports fan; over the years, donations have been made to the Patrick Pirolli Fund through the DiSanto Priest Charitable Foundation. These funds have supported the various youth sports organizations, primarily in his home state of Rhode Island.