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Discover the importance of performing due diligence on outside organizations you partner with in order to protect your business from data and security breaches.
Learn why it's critical to understand the value of your business and about the four different valuation models for accessing what your business is worth.
Do you have a data security plan for your organization? Understand data security recuirements and how to protect your business.
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SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reports are not the same; each serves a different purpose. This whitepaper walks you through the differences and how each can be utilized for your organization.
Review three expert opinions in their respective fields as they walk through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), international tax opportunities, and R&D tax credits of 2017/2018.
The Value of a “Clean” Set of Books and Records
What’s meant by a “clean” set of books and records? It simply means that a company’s financial records are up-to-date, ...
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Tax Policy Changes Related to Research and Development (R&D) Expenses
Learn how recent policy changes to Section 174 related to research and development expenses impact your organization's cash flow.
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Section 179D Tax Deduction Incentivized Further In 2023
With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August of 2022, several changes to the tax laws have been ...
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A Financial Statement is One of the Most Important Documents Filed in Divorce
The Probate and Family Courts require the completion of a financial statement; this financial statement is required in all matters ...
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The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act Introduces New Clean Vehicle Credit
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes changes related to the credits for electric vehicles. If you are in the ...
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Residential Clean Energy Credit Extended Through The Next Decade
As a result of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners will have a greater incentive to invest in renewable ...
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IRS Announces Increased Standard Mileage Rates For 2023
The IRS has recently released the standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for ...
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RI Businesses May Be Required to File Returns Electronically in 2023
For tax periods beginning after December 31, 2022, Rhode Island businesses may be required to electronically file returns and remit ...
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Congress Expands The Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit
As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, Congress recently extended and expanded what was previously known as the Non-Business Energy ...
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Retirement Contribution Limits Changing in 2023
The IRS has recently released the inflation-adjusted contribution limits, phase-out ranges, and income limits for various retirement-related items for the ...
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IRS Announces Increases to Annual Gift Tax Regulations
The Internal Revenue Service has announced the increases in the annual gift tax exclusion and the lifetime estate and gift ...
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Massachusetts Tax Refund Coming in November
Thanks to an obscure Massachusetts law passed back in 1986, Massachusetts taxpayers will be eligible to receive a tax refund ...
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Child Tax Rebates Announced in Rhode Island
Governor Dan McKee recently announced a new relief program aimed at providing some financial relief to Rhode Island families during ...
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Cash Basis, Accrual Basis – What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?
The cash basis or accrual basis relates to how income and expenses are accounted for; hence these are referenced as ...
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Artificial Intelligence for Cost Optimization in Manufacturing
Learn how artificial intelligence optimizes cost in manufacturing applications. Streamline operations, drive growth, and avoid inefficiencies.
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The Threshold for Creating State Nexus Is Changing – And Not for the Better
Learn about the changes being made to P.L. 86-272 for remote and online sellers of tangible personal property.
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Income, Tax Returns & W-2 Wage Statements
Learn about the different types of wage statements and how they affect your income determination and tax returns.
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The Tax Implications of Crowdfunding
Learn the different types of crowdfunding methods, and how they should show up on your organization's tax records.
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Importance of Buy-Sell and Shareholder Agreements
Learn the differences between Buy-Sell and Shareholder agreements, and what each document does for a company.
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Remote Auditing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to COVID restrictions, e-audits are becoming popular, with auditors conducting inventory observations remotely.
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Reassessing Profit Margins During the Pandemic
Understand what truly drives company profit and how pandemic-era evaluations are helping companies capitalize on profitability streams.
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Reporting Requirements for Provider Relief Fund Recipients
To mitigate financial impact, Provider Relief Fund payments were issued for COVID-related expenses to help cover lost revenues.
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New Refundable Payroll Tax Credit for Qualified Sick Leave Related to the COVID-19
Under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, new tax credits are being provided for paid leave to employees who take time off related to COVID-19.
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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Proposes Global Minimum Tax for US Multinationals
Under the Treasury Secretary's new proposal, MNEs would pay at least a 21% tax rate on profits earned in every country with foreign operations.
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Tax Implications of Home Improvement Projects During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Home improvements have drastically increased during the pandemic; learn about the tax implications of these projects, how they're paid for, and more.
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COVID-19’s Potential Impact on Accounting and Financial Statements
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, contractors will continue to feel its impact to accounting and finances, including GAAP requirements, and more.
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Exploring State Tax Implications of the 163(j) Business Interest Expense Limitation
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created legislation limiting the deductibility of business interest expense on various businesses; learn how this limitation varies by state.
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Your Guide to Deducting Casualty Losses in Prior Years
If you sustain a casualty loss due to a federally declared disaster, you may deduct a casualty loss in the year before the casualty actually occurred.
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Will You Have To Pay State Taxes On PPP Loan Forgiveness?
For tax guidance on your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, learn about what portion of your loan my be taxable as gross income, and how this varies by state.
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Telemedicine Takes the Lead: Best Practices for Health Professionals
With COVID-19 creating increased opportunities for telemedicine, learn best practices for offering these services, and IT risks to be aware of.
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Navigating Federal Student Loans & Financial Planning During COVID-19
With the CARES Act deferring federal student loans payments during the pandemic, learn your options and best practices for financial planning.
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Tax Reform's Effect on Company Parking
As an employer with company parking available, learn how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, along with Notice 2018-99, advise on tax deductions for on-site parking.
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Exploring the CARES Act Qualified Retirement Plan Distribution Option
For those struggling financially due to COVID-19, the CARES Act waives the 10% early withdrawal penalty for retirement distributions.
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B Corporations: Offering Stakeholders Qualitative Dividends
Learn about the public transparency, environmental responsibility, and legal accountability for acquiring and maintaining B Corporation status as a company.
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State Guidance Regarding Employees Working Remotely During COVID-19
The states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut have released tax guidance for businesses with employees working remotely during COVID-19.
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CARES Act Provider Relief Fund: Eligibility and Requirements for Round Two Funding
$20 billion in funding is available to healthcare providers in round two of the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund — learn more about the application process.
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How to Prepare for Concentrated Supply Chains Disruptions
Experienced delays in supply chain distribution? Use these tips to mitigate supply chain risks when sourcing materials or products in the marketplace.
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Leveraging COVID-19 Related Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave
Learn how the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) can credit employers providing paid leave to employees due to COVID-19.
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CARES Act Grants Healthcare Companies Provider Relief Fund Payments
The CARES Act created the Provider Relief Fund, which reimburses healthcare providers for lost revenues and increased expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Navigating the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program
The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program provides assistance to individuals who aren't traditionally eligible for unemployment benefits.
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How to Avoid Falling Victim to Economic Impact Payment Scams
The CARES Act includes a direct stimulus payment for qualifying parties, but be aware, scammers are taking advantage of the situation as well.
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Working Remotely? Beware of Online Scams and Phishing Schemes
When staff members are working from home, it's a good time to remind everyone to be diligent in checking for potential malware and online scams.
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Combating COVID-19
With all of the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, chances are you are feeling the impact. Here are some government programs to provide support.
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Building Momentum To Grow Sales
Any successful company motivated to grow its sales volume should first focus on the existing relationships it has worked so hard to build. Leverage and revitalize current areas of business before tapping resources to develop new product lines and expand.
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Can Your Business Benefit from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit?
There has never been a better time for businesses to determine their eligibility for the employment-based Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).
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Mitigating Equipment Obsolescence in a Rising Rate Economy
The Federal Reserve’s incremental adjustments to interest rates in the past year have manufacturers reconsidering how to address capital investment needs.
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Sullivan v. Sleepy’s - Changes for Commissioned Employees
The recent outcome of the Sullivan v. Sleepy’s LLC et al. civil case, and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s (SJC’s) interpretation of the Mass General Laws has clarified how employers are required to pay commissioned retail employees. 
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Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan for your Business
Having a comprehensive Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is central to your business operations.
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Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Update
The implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late 2017 has significantly impacted the way companies depreciate their assets.
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Tips for More Secure Password Management
Have you noticed that we need passwords for just about everything these days?
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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Part 2 - The Coin Behind the Technology
Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that is gaining a lot of attention in the news recently. Learn more about the e-currency, how you can use it and what you need to be careful of when utilizing it.
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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Part 1 – The New Technology Quickly Changing our World
Blockchain isn't merely about recordkeeping. This process that everyone is talking about holds its power in how records are created and kept. Here at DiSanto Priest & Co. we are here to help you navigate the newest advancements in technology.
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Physical Presence No Longer Required for Sales Tax
In a 5 - 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of state authority to require online retailers to collect sales taxes without regard to physical presence in the state. Although states stand to gain much-needed tax revenues, there may be consequences for online retailers that do business in multiple states.
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Taking Control of SOC Report Requests & Distribution
One of the ways firms and their business clients are utilizing a clearinghouse is for SOC report distribution – a process that is becoming more challenging to manage as an increased focus on third-party controls has led to a rise in requests for reports.
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Authenticated Financial Information
There is growing demand today for accurate, authenticated financial information. While technology has positively impacted the speed and accessibility of information, it has also created new ways to alter and compromise information.  
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How to Assess Your Company's Financial Health
We receive regular checkups to monitor, maintain, and improve our health. But did you know that you should do the same for your company?
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The Importance of Strategic Planning
Is your company future ready? We are living in a time of rapid change around the world. Consider a Strategic Planning Engagement to ensure success.
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New Year and New Tax Laws Bring Change to Estates and Gifts
As we continue to welcome in the first quarter of 2018 and the new tax bill, let's take a quick look at what has changed and what remains the same.
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Great News For Small Businesses That Qualified For Research Credits in 2016
Wage-paying small businesses with minimal taxable income can now take advantage of their research credits sooner than was allowed under the previous tax rules.  The Protecting America from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 allows qualifying small businesses to apply research credits against the social security portion of its federal payroll tax bill.
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5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Solar for Your Manufacturing Business
Technology in the energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace.  Solar panels are becoming leaner and more efficient – providing more capacity at a lesser cost, mimicking the path of more traditional computer hardware.  Below are 5 reasons why we believe solar is worth considering today to boost your bottom line.
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The Research and Development Tax Credit
Tax credits are important.  These are our government’s “carrots” for business owners.  They are saying “Hey! Please focus here! Our economy depends on it!  And if you do, we’ll thank you with a reduced tax bill.”  Credits are dollar-for-dollar reductions in your tax bill.
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Accounting Tips for Start-ups
So first of all – congratulations!  Starting your own business takes guts and entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy.  So bravo and thank you for taking the big leap.  At the risk of "raining on the parade", we can't ignore the hard truth out there which is that most new businesses fail within the first two years. 
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One More Reason to Expand your Tech Business in Rhode Island
Are you currently operating a business in Rhode Island and looking to expand?  Perhaps you have a business outside of RI that you’re looking to relocate.   Rhode Island, in an effort to attract and retain new and existing businesses, enacted the New Qualified Jobs Incentive Act in 2015 and has already awarded several job creators significant annual, redeemable tax credits that have allowed them to make expanding or relocating to RI more financially feasible. 
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